ООО АгроФуд

Dear visitors and guests of the website, dear friends and colleges! I am glad to welcome you to the corporate website of our company.

Limited liability company “AgroFood” is an actively developing company specializing in grain export. We are a stable financially sound company showing steady increase in its economic indicators. In 2019 limited liability company “AgroFood” joined the Group of Companies under the management of the Limited Liability Company “Russkoye Pole” retaining a series of strategic, tactical, organizational and control functions as well as financial management functions for all other members of the Group of Companies.

Our mission is to become the most reliable supplier for our Russian and foreign importers and to contribute to integration of the global market and development of regional infrastructure. This includes creation of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partners, use of flexible price policy and focus on highest quality of the products.

Professional and competent approach to business management is important in achieving success of our Company. We rely on skills and responsibility of our team of professionals every member of which fully shares the core operating principles of our company.

Our common ambition to comply with the best global standards in the industry allowed the limited liability company “AgroFood” to make the TOP-25 of Russian exporters and to secure a stable position on the grain market.

Our plans for the future consist in gradual expansion of the scope of activities of the company, scale and geography of our business.

Oxana Krylova