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Conditions precedent documents to be provided by Suppliers.

In order to conclude sales contracts, Suppliers are obliged to provide copies of the following documents, bearing the stamp and signed by an authorized representative of the Seller:

  • Main State Registration Number;
  • Certificate of Registration with Tax Authority;
  • Articles of Association (current version with all additions);
  • Certificate of entering the Unified State Register, for companies, registered before July 01, 2002;
  • Minutes of the meeting of participants (shareholders) or Resolution of sole member and the current letter of appointment confirming the powers of the sole executive body of the organization;
  • Power of attorney (if the documents on behalf of the Supplier are signed by a person acting under a power of attorney);
  • A copy of a bank signature card, or a sample of the signature of the sole executive body and chief accountant of the Supplier;
  • Accounting reports for the last reporting period (Forms Nr. 1 -5, an explanatory note);
  • Rent contract (including the Certificate of acceptance of rooms, floor plan, certificate of registration of rights to immovable property) or other documents, confirming the Company's right to its legal address;
  • Establishment card including information about the phones and e-mail addresses of the Company;
  • VAT Declarations for the last 4 fiscal years from the amount of tax payable, if the organization is not an exporter (with a mark of tax inspection about the receipt or receipts for admission);
  • Declaration of corporate income tax return for the last year with the amount of tax payable (with a mark of tax inspection of the receipt or receipts for admission);
  • Information on the average number of employees in the last year;
  • Letters of recommendation from counterparties.

Copies of the documents should be sent to yurist@rusagrofood.ru