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The volume of imports of dairy products increased from January to July 2017 by 6% in comparrisson with the same period in 2016, due to attractive price proposals for milk powder, butter and cheese products. The physical volume of imports is about 4.3 million tons (in terms of milk) for a total of 1,533 million USD (+40% by 2016). Such data are given in the report of the MilkNews Analytical Center.

The main external suppliers of dairy products to Russia are: the Republic of Belarus - 77%, New Zealand - 8%, Argentina - 3%, Turkey - 2% and Uruguay - 2%.

The Republic of Belarus in 2013 provided 42% of imports (in dairy equivalent), in 2014 - 52%, in 2015 - 84%, in 2016 - 82%, and according to the preliminary results of 7 months of 2017 the import amount resulted in 77%.

The reduction of share of the Republic of Belarus in the structure of Russian imports in 2017 is caused by increase of supplies from New Zealand (butter, whole milk powder), Turkey (skimmed milk powder), Iran (skimmed milk powder), Argentina (whole milk powder). The Republic of Belarus takes leading positions in external supplies of all types of dairy products (except for ice cream, where the Republic of Belarus provides only 35% of imports): whole milk products - 91%, skimmed milk powder - 79%, whole milk powder - 52%, fermented dairy products - 94%, whey and products from natural components of milk - 90%, butter - 67%, cheeses - 81%, cottage cheese - 99%, cheese products - 80%.

Resource: Milknews